The Teen Press Kit is currently in production, but will be ready soon! 

You can pre-order now and will receive a downloadable version of the film to show in your classroom.


The Teen Press educational cook books and documentary film has been developed for teachers by teachers. Our cook book is a curriculum based tool kit that provides the following:

  • The movie:  The Teen Press documentary film is a 30 minute documentary film designed to entertain and inspire students and quickly illustrate the program. The film provides a foundation to start a Teen Press program. 
  • The Teen Press “Cook Book”: No two classrooms are alike.  We believe teachers need tools with flexibility. We have developed the Teen Press curriculum around “recipes” that can be joined together to best serve any classroom environment. These recipes are the essential elements for creating a Teen Press program. Our goal is to provide teachers the ability to teach in style that works for them. 


Want the ultimate Teen Press experience? Host a Teen Press workshop at your school or in your community.  John and David are available to teach 2 day workshops. These are most effective when communities partner together with 3 or more teachers and their students. Workshops start at $2500 includes screening license, copy of Teen Press cookbook. (Additional fees are required for travel and accommodations.)

EMAIL US to chat about the exciting possibilities!